Painting on T-Shirts Workshop 

In this workshop the participants will learn how to draw and paint on T-Shirts.The workshop helps them to be creative and draw from their imagination. With simple steps they can transfer their drawings into the cloth, and then comes the colouring step. In this workshop I will also focus on helping the children to create their own unique character or design that fits their own personalities.

Ages of participants: from age 8 to above.

Manga Creation Course 

Manga is the Japanese term for comics. This kind of comic is different from American comics, especially in telling stories. In this course, participants will learn about the stages of the manga creation, how to create a story, how to draw manga style and how to draw manga page panels. The participates will also learn how to use Manga traditional tools used in Manga or Japanese Comics.

Ages of participants: from age 14 to above.

Anime Character Design
Chibi Style Workshop  

This workshop is 1:30 Hours to 2 hours long. During the first part of the workshop, the participants will learn the important principles of how to create their own unique Anime Character and what makes it successful character that can be a part of a great story. The second part of the workshop covers the simple steps of drawing the anime character in Chibi style.

Ages of participants: from age 8 to above.

 Here are some of the institutions where I conducted my Workshops and Courses: